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Don't forget you can get CET points too...

Whilst iDay and NEG are all about the business, we do understand that it can be good to get a CET point or two and really maximise that valuable time out of the practice. CET available at this years conference includes:

Sunday 5th November

9:30: 8th Generation Progressives - Professor Mo Jalie (1-point OO, DO)

11:45 & 14:15 Practical Dispensing Problems - Younger Optics (3-points OO, DO)

11:45 & 14:15 OCT Live - Heidelberg Engineering (3-points OO, DO)

11:45 & 14:15 Keratoconus: The Pathway to Success - Bausch & Lomb (3-points OO, DO, CLO)

11:45 & 14:15 Astigmatism and Contact Lenses Discussion Workshop - CooperVision (3-points OO, DO, CLO)

Monday 6th November

10:05 Differentiate your practice through technology: An introduction to ultra-widefield retinal imaging - Optos (3-points OO, DO)

10:05 Astigmatism and Contact Lenses Discussion Workshop - CooperVision (3-points OO, DO, CLO)

11:45 Life on the Edge: A review of Peripheral Structural and Functional Retinal Change - Optos (3-points OO, DO)

11:45 Keys to Night Driving Discussion Workshop - Essilor (3-points DO)

14:30 Sunwear Mini Lab Skills Workshop - Essilor (3-points OO, DO)

14:30 Astigmatism and Contact Lenses Discussion Workshop - CooperVision (3-points OO, DO, CLO)