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About the NEG Conference & Independents Day

Since 2005, Independents Day had built up a glowing reputation as one of the key meetings in the optical calendar for those involved in independent practice. Our USP has been the recognition that Independent practitioners are ophthalmic professionals first, but in an increasingly tough retail environment, need to thrive commercially in order to be able to provide their clinical skills. 

In order to thrive, independent practitioners also need to operate sound business as well as clinical practice in equal measure. Recognising this difficult combination of skills and that there is plenty of clinical support out there, Independents Day increasingly focused purely on commercial awareness, business development and simply being the most successful practice you can be. This will ultimately ensure that patients will continue to receive the best care the independent sector can offer. Lectures always contain useful tips and great ideas from people who have 'walked the talk'. These 'pearls' can be quickly and easily implemented, often at little or no cost, for immediate impact to the business.

Following celebrating the 10th anniversary of iDay in 2015, we decided that we needed to review the format and rethink our approach in order to keep the event as fresh and as relevant to the sector as possible. We understand that time spent out of practice is a significant commitment and that it is essential for practitioners and their team to get the maximum return on their investment. 

National Eyecare Group (NEG) had long be a significant supporter of iDay and so we agreed to join forces and combine our two events in 2016 in order to provide even greater business support to the independent sector.  The NEG Conference remained a free-to-attend conference for its members who also benefitted from an exclusive discount on the iDay delegates fee. Additionally NEG opened its doors to non-members for the first time. The alliance saw Independents Day move from the July date it had occupied since 4th July 2005, to the NEG calendar slot in November. The resulting event was a major success with 255 delegates registered over its 2-days.

Come and join us..

If you work in independent practice, whether optician or optometrist, practice owner or practice team member (including optical assistants) - you are ALL welcome to attend.

Since 2005 we've welcomed back many colleagues returning year after year. So if you've not been before why not come along this year? We look forward to meeting you to celebrate, as we do every year, all that's good about being independent!

Nick Atkins & David Goad                                                  Phil Mullins
Directors, Proven Track Record                                        Director of Business Development, NEG