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Interactive Business Sessions


These parallel sessions enable delegates to tailor their iDay experience by selecting 1 workshop from these 3 options. Due the smaller group sizes, these sessions will be highly interactive.

Uncovering your Practice Archetype

Attendees, who wish to work through discovering their own practice’s ideal combination of Archetypes, can do so during Andy’s subsequent interactive workshop session. This is an essential marketing exercise, enabling practice owners to define the foundations for building a profitable practice. CLICK HERE for more information.

Seeing the Hearing Opportunity

It’s a welcome return for Ryan Leighton following his popular presentation last year. This time he will share his experience of audiology in his practice group and how it can successfully dovetail with optometry. Those who are still considering whether they should start hearing services cannot afford to miss this session. CLICK HERE for more information.

Training & Development: The Key to Retaining Staff

This workshop will explore the sometimes hidden benefits to training. Training and development can be described as "an educational process involving the sharpening of skills, changing of attitudes and gaining more knowledge to enhance performance.” However exit interviews indicate that proactive and targeted development is as much about the way it makes people feel and strongly influences in staying in a job. CLICK HERE for more information.