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Don't forget you can get CET points too...

Whilst iDay and NEG are all about the business, we do understand that it can be good to get a CET point or three and really maximise that valuable time out of the practice. This year's CET options run simultaneously at 18:45 and are all discussion workshops worth 3 interactive CET points.

Myopia Management in Everyday Practice - CooperVision

The aim of this CET discussion workshop is to support eye care practitioners:

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Handle with Care - Alcon

This CET comprises of contact lens cases or scenarios that may be encountered in routine practice. Each case highlights an area where there may be several considerations to review before reaching a suitable outcome that is to both the satisfaction of the patient and the practitioner. Patient communication, record keeping and registration requirements must be carefully considered in each case.

The Glaucoma Safari - Heidelberg Engineering

In this workshop you will learn how to use the BIG FIVE OCT parameters to assess a patient’s risk of glaucoma in conjunction with your existing arsenal of diagnostic tests. Discover how OCT can be used to spot the early signs of glaucoma through to how OCT can be used to monitor progression of the disease and referral protocol. You will work through a series of glaucoma case studies in groups with clear topics and the session will be kept interactive throughout with OCT LIVE scanning and discussion.

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