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CooperVision - 3 CET points

Astigmatism and Contact Lenses Discussion Workshop

When it comes to correcting astigmats with soft toric contact lenses, many practitioners perhaps feel that they have all the bases covered. However, our experience and recent results with practitioners has shown that there is still much to share and learn about fitting toric contact lenses, especially when considering high powered prescriptions. This discussion workshop, led by optometrist Shail Patel, may potentially re-orientate your toric thinking...

This session will cover the prescribing, fitting and ongoing assessment of soft toric contact lens wear. We will explore astigmatism and how this is discussed in the consulting room versus the 'real world' so that we can best meet the needs of new and existing contact lens wearers by providing the most appropriate and relevant advice.

To explore current fitting practices, we will utilise some specific examples of complex toric prescriptions and engage with delegates to understand what power of contact lens they would currently choose, or think would be ideal, based on their calculations. This will cover back vertex adjustment to evaluate the corneal power, initial lens choice and subsequently the ideal powered contact lens to deliver the optimum result. Delegates will also share and discuss best practice methodology to assess soft toric lens performance in situ during an initial fit and aftercare. By utilising some examples, delegates will also discuss what steps and adjustments might be needed should the initial lens fitted not provide the results expected.