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Training & Development: The key to retaining staff

Don’t lose your talent to your competitor or to another workplace with training, development support and process.

It can be difficult to keep promoting people in our business. You can however give employees a sense of self efficacy and being valued which can have far more impact on deciding to stay.

Discover through this workshop how training and development can help you retain your people. Training and development is about far more than teaching knowledge.

By unearthing potential you can help your business grow, your team feel more confident and fulfilled and therefore far more likely to stay with you.

The last thing you want to do is to lose your talent to another organisation because they are unfulfilled.

This workshop will look at how you can equip your team with the insight and motivation to stay with you.

It is both costly and challenging to recruit new talent. Much better to produce and keep talent through well targeted training and ongoing development.

Some of the areas we will discuss:

Increasing the speed and the impact of recognition to reduce employee turnover and boost performance. If you have to recruit you want them to be up and running as soon as possible and to not feel at sea and leave