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Dear David, I attended the Independents Day last week and thought it was a really useful, entertaining and informative day. A big well done! I was particularly impressed by Rob Stewart and would be very grateful to receive a copy of his presentation. With thanks and kind regards,

Abigail Holland


Dear Nick I have filled out the survey and would like to congratulate you for such an interesting and varied programme. I found all speakers of a very high standard and the 6 of my team that attended left brimming with new ideas and approaches. Thanks and best regards

Richard Richard Rawling FBDO CL Managing Director Rawlings Opticians


I thought it appropriate that I should e-mail and congratulate you on a very successful event yesterday. The speakers were very well received and a credit to the event. From Eyeplan's perspective we got to see many of our existing Associates and we generated a healthy number of new leads. We have marked the event down, one again, as being a success.

Chris Clemence, Commercial Director, Eyeplan Ltd


Congratulations on organising what I think everyone felt was a truly valuable, meaningful and memorable day. It certainly drew a well motivated audience lacking the cynicism that is often apparent elsewhere. I've had a number of enquiries already - the challenge will be to turn them into sales opportunities!!

Martin Russ, TMR Ltd.


Dear Nick I want to congratulate you on a very successful Independents Day yesterday. From wanting to retire the day before, I have come back wanting to change and improve everything! I'd be very grateful to receive a copy of Rob Stewart's presentation since I have not stopped taking about it since we left the meeting yesterday! Thanks for all your hard work. Kind regards, David

David Austen Optometrist